• Kirsty

Choose your reality...

There was once a young man who dreamed of becoming a millionaire.

Naturally hard working and creative, he spent his life pursuing ideas for achieving his goal, and, as you'd expect, some of his projects worked out well, and some not so well.

He celebrated his successes

and glossed over the failures.

and learned from the failures.

As time went on, his thoughts kept coming back to

what didn’t work out rather than what did.

what worked out rather than what didn’t.

So it’s not surprising that, the older he got, the more he saw each new venture as

a risk.

an opportunity.

He kept going

but increasingly found his work stressful and worrying.

and continued to find his work rewarding and exciting.

Although he never made his million, he made enough to live a very good life –

but he dwelled on what he didn’t achieve.

and he was proud of what he'd achieved.

He died believing himself

a failure.

a success.

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