Learning to fly

When my son left home, it felt like the most important part of my life had ended.

It fractured my sense of who I was.

I had a wonderful marriage; great friends, and a job I was good at - but I felt hollowed out.

My future seemed to consist of fading into irrelevance and invisibility while I mourned the life I'd once had.

Not for the first time in my life, it turned out that I was wrong!

Thanks to a serendipitous mix of NLP, coaching, mindfulness, meditation, a little Buddhist thought, and some self help books with f*ck in the title, I was able to stop hammering on the door that had closed behind me and instead walk through the one that opened ahead of me.

And when I did that, I found myself reconnecting with a sense of identity, purpose and values that life had buried. I was rediscovering me.

When you're ready, I'd like to help you rediscover you...

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