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About My Coaching

“[Coaching is] a conversation, or a series of conversations, that one person has with another in order to help them move forward and/or create change”

– The Coaching Organisation

A coach does not tell you what to do or solve your problems for you. Sorry.

As your coach, I do something of far greater value: I believe in you.

I believe you're doing your best, I believe in your good intentions, I believe in your potential.

I believe in your power to solve your own problems.

I believe in your power to be who you want to be.

My role is to help you know your power.

Using the LIGHT Approach ™, let's explore how you’re thinking, feeling and behaving; what you want to change, and how you can do it. Scroll down for more. . .or:


The LIGHT approach

LISTEN: let's get everything off the hamster wheel in your head and out into the open, to give you some much needed respite.

INVESTIGATE: we get curious about what you're feeling, thinking, assuming, believing, doing - everything!

GOALS: what do you want to have happen? Change your life? Make a change in your life? Change how you see your life?

HOW: we look at how to get where you're going, both in practical and mindset terms. And I’ll hold you accountable!

TOOLS: we brainstorm the resources you need to achieve your goal. If you like, we can talk about what’s helped me.

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Everything you say in a coaching session is heard in confidence and with kindness.

All questions are asked with curiosity and without judgement.

You are always in control - if you don't want to answer a question, then don't!


Are you ready to know your power?

Get in touch for a chat - no charge, no pressure, no obligation. Just potential.
Your choice.


Pema Chodron

“Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.”


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